Living Green Elephant Sanctuary

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Welcome to the Living Green Elephant Sanctuary, an Elephant Home in Chiang Mai. Our priority is to create a responsible and ethical environment where people can enjoy playful interactions without the need of forcing the Elephants. We believe in leaving the elephants free, allowing them to live their lives in a natural and nurturing habitat.

Living Green Elephant Sanctuary, Chiang Mai, Thailand: was founded in 2016 and is an eco-friendly sanctuary dedicated to the well-being of elephants and raising awareness about elephant conservation
Our journey began with two special elephants named Boon-Me and Thu-Meh, who inspired us to expand our mission and establish a sanctuary that truly makes an impact. In our early experience, we witnessed the heart-wrenching mistreatment of elephants and felt an overwhelming sense of empathy. We made a promise to provide these magnificent creatures with a better life and the care they deserve.
Today, with 20 magnificent elephants across our three camps, we proudly uphold our commitment, inspired by the legacy of these two special elephants named Boon-Me and Thu-Meh. Beyond the elephants themselves, our mission encompasses supporting underprivileged communities in border villages, striving to create a positive impact beyond the sanctuary’s borders

“Join the Best Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on this remarkable journey of compassion, education, and advocacy. Together, we can ensure the survival of these gentle giants for generations to come. Welcome to Living Green Elephant Sanctuary “

*All activities of elephants are based on animal welfare. No force elephants.*

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