Full-Day Program

Discover the Magic of Elephants :

A Full Day Living Green Elephant Sanctuary package offers visitors a wonderful opportunity to get to know all of our amazing elephants and gain knowledge of their daily routine and behaviors. Experience life with the elephants in their natural home – A safe and sustainable environment which is surrounded by spectacular jungle scenery where the elephants roam around freely.


Start your day with a comfortable hotel pick-up, setting off on a scenic drive through rural landscapes. Enjoy breathtaking views of mountains, rivers, rice fields, corn fields, and banana plantations.

Arriving at the Living Green Elephant Sanctuary, you’ll be greeted with warmth. Change into traditional northern clothing and prepare to meet the sanctuary’s stars – the elephants. Engage in feeding and interacting with these majestic creatures, learning about their history and behaviors. You will be able to forge a deep connection with the elephants.

A delicious local meal fills your senses, offering a taste of the region’s flavors. Fuel your body and soul for the next part of the adventure. Become a guardian of the elephants’ well-being by creating herbal medicine balls and planting seedlings that will become their future food & Participate in a health check to ensure their wellness.

Bid farewell to the elephants, knowing that cherished memories will always remain. Change into fresh attire and carry the sanctuary’s essence within you. As you return to Chiang Mai, remembering the laughter, and joy shared with the elephants.

*All activities of elephants are based on animal welfare. No force elephants.*

ITINERARY : (Duration of program : 9 – 10 Hours)




We also offer an additional photography service at no extra charge. Our photographers will take pictures throughout the day, and we will upload them on the website including a link on facebook for your ease of access.


At our Sanctuary, we will allow you to spend as much time as possible with the elephants. We don’t follow a strict schedule, and the timings mentioned here are only approximate, with the exception of designated pick-up times

Collection times may vary slightly depending on pick up location. We offer a free transfer service to/from all places of accommodation within a 5 k.m. radius of Chiang Mai’s Old City. Transport from locations outside this area will incur a surcharge.

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