Frequently Ask Questions


We use a comfortable Mini-Van that can accommodate maximum 12 visitors.

Yes, we do offer private transfer for the visitors at the cost of 2,500 THB.

Yes, we do offer a free transfer service to all places of accommodation within 5 KM radius of Chiang Mai’s Old City. Transport from locations outside this area will incur a small surcharge fee. Please kindly contact our CS Team for further surcharges.

We recommend you to stay 1 night prior your tour date because planes, buses and trains are often delayed. We would be unable to wait for you incase it is delayed.

We can definitely drop you of at the Airport, Bus & Train Station. However please kindly note that your departing time for the next journey should be at least 2 hours ahead of the tour ending time. Also please kindly inform us 24 hours ahead of the tour commencement date that you would have a luggage as we have limited space in the van. Please note that we can’t offer you priority treatment and all guests will be dropped off in the most efficient order possible.

On average, it takes approximately 1½ hours to reach the Sanctuary from the Old City Chiang Mai. The journey may vary depending on which camp that you visit, as well as variables such as traffic, weather and road conditions. We also offer a short break around halfway to the Sanctuary. Where food, refreshments and bathrooms are available.

Most of the drive to the Living Green Elephant Sanctuary is paved public road. However, the final portion of the drive to our camp would include unpaved road. Also, the road includes a mountain drive, we would recommend bringing medication of you have motion sickness.

Yes, you can drive to our Living Green Elephant Sanctuary. First, you need to book the tickets prior through Living Green Elephant Sanctuary or through an authorized agent. Second, you need to let us know that you would be driving yourself and we would suggest you a meeting point near to our camp where you can follow our staff member, this is because you would be assigned to a designated camp according to the number of visitors as we don’t want to overwhelm the Elephants.

Bookings & Payment

Bookings must be made at least 24 hours before the assigned commencement time of your visit. Bookings requested on the same day as your desired visit might not be accepted. In order to avoid disappointment, we recommend you to book as earlier as possible.

Yes, tour amendment 24 hours prior to the visit date is possible without any charges. Please kindly note that you can’t change the date of your visit due to poor weather conditions. Living Green Elephant Sanctuary remains operated despite rain and other mild weather conditions.

Yes, you may change your program. You have to inform us at least 24 hours prior to your date of your visit. Please contact us via Email at [email protected] to discuss your desired changes. Once received we would inform you if there is a difference in price.

No, we do not accept booking requests made on any of our social media pages. For any booking requirements please contact us directly via Phone, Email, our Website, our authorized agents or in person at our office in Chiang Mai.

Yes, after you send us a booking request, we will inform you of the deposit amount required for your visit including the payment methods. Your remaining balance may be paid on the day of your visit. Please note that your deposit is non-refundable.

You will receive a refund minus a cancellation fee.

You can pay the remaining balance on the date of your visit by both cash and card. Or if you wish to pay the remaining balance ahead of the tour you can contact us at [email protected] and we will inform you the payment methods available.

Yes, we have credit card facilities and there is no extra for paying with the credit card if you have purchased the ticket directly from our website.

Yes, we offer special rates for children (4-8 years old) and infants (0-3 years old) to view our child & infant rates please visit our website on the price section for each program.

If you wish to book a visit for a group of 10 or more people and for all media enquiries please email us directly at [email protected] to discuss about the pricing.

Locations & Elephants

Living Green Elephant Sanctuary currently have 3 locations.

The location you visit will be determined by which program you choose (e.g. Half Day, Full Day & Elephant Sanctuary & Inthanon Hiking), the number of visitors on the date of your visit and where your accommodation is located. However, if you wish to visit a specific Living Green Elephant Sanctuary location, please inform us in advance.


The number of elephants differ for each location, currently each of our locations have at least 6 elephants. Maximum group size of our programs are structured around the number of the elephants at each location to ensure that our elephants are not overwhelmed. And this is also to ensure the visitors safety and satisfaction.

Special Requirements

Yes, guests who are pregnant, wheelchair users or suffer from any pre-existing condition are required to inform Living Green Elephant Sanctuary of their condition, you may need to sign a waiver stating that you are aware that you are in good mentally and physically to participate in a tour which involves large animals.

Yes, all dietary requirements and restrictions can be accommodated. If you are vegetarian and vegan, having any kind of food allergies or any other specific dietary requirements. Please inform us of this prior to the day of your visit.

Please kindly refer to the program that you choose below
Half Day Program: All fitness levels are welcomed
Full Day Program: Some moderate hiking abilities are involved.
Elephant Sanctuary & Inthanon Hiking: Medium rate hiking abilities are involved.

Yes, all ages are welcome at Living Green Elephant Sanctuary. Please note that to ensure the safety of young children, close parental supervision must be involved during the interaction with elephants.

You are welcome to bring a day pack or small bag. If you wish to bring a suitcase of any additional luggage, please inform us of this prior to your visit.

General Enquiries

All personal details provided by customers are used for contact, booking and insurance purpose only. Living Green Elephant Sanctuary will never share your personal information (including, but not limited to your name, email address, or phone number) with a 3rd party for any reason without your express permission unless required by law. For this reason, we will not be able to provide you with any information about your fellow visitors.

All visitors to Living Green Elephant Sanctuary are covered by our insurance policy. However, we highly recommend that you obtain personal travel or medical insurance prior to your arrival of Thailand

No special vaccinations are needed for interacting with Elephants. However detailed health information and list of recommended vaccinations (e.g. Covid Vaccinations) for travel in Thailand can be found at: Thailand Travel Restrictions |

No, participation in river activity during your visit is not mandatory. You will never be fored to do anything which makes you uncomfortable.

We offer Thai English and Chinese speaking tour guides.

You will be provided with 1-2 dishes of Thai Food, seasonal fruits which includes vegetarian options All dietary restrictions can be accommodated, provided we are informed of them prior to your visit. Bottled water will also be provided free of charge, and other beverages are available for purchase.

There is limited mobile network service. And there is no WIFI at any of our locations.

Maximum group capacity varies depending on the program you choose, and the number of elephants in the location that you visit and the time of the year.

We recommend that you bring the following: Extra Clothes, Swimming Suite, Sandals, Sunblock Lotion, Insect Spray, Towel, a copy of your passport and customers with known allergies bring their own allergy medication.

If you have forgotten anything during your visit, please contact us on any social media or at [email protected] as soon as possible. We will try to locate the item(s) and return them to you. However, Living Green Elephant Sanctuary accepts no responsibility for any items lost, damaged or forgotten on our premises or vehicle. We advise all visitors to check thoroughly of their possessions before leaving Living Green Elephant Sanctuary.

We welcome you to leave a review, feedback, and suggestions either on our Facebook page, Tripadvisor or any of our Authorized partner’s platforms.

Photos & Media

You are welcome to bring a camara or other personal photographic equipment with you on your visit. However, unless your device is waterproof we recommend that you do not use it during the activity involving with water. Living Green Elephant Sanctuary accepts no responsibility for any device or equipment lost or damaged at any of our locations.

Yes, we offer a photography service at no charges. Our professional photographers will accompany you and your group for the duration of your visit. The photos then would be uploaded on our cloud and shared the link with you on our Facebook page.

Your photos will be uploaded within 72 hours from the date of your visit. However, we occasionally encounter delays, please kindly contact us if you do not see them after 72 hours. Please kindly note that the photos would only be kept for 90 days.

Yes, we will absolutely remove any photos of you that you are not comfortable with. Please go to the specific photo and send us a message with the link of the specific photo. This would allow us to remove the photo as soon as possible.

Yes, you are free to use any of the images of your visit taken by Living Green Elephant Sanctuary. Please note that these images are provided for personal use only. The use of the pictures for commercial purposes can only be used with the prior express written consent of Living Green Elephant Sanctuary.

No, we are not able to send our customers the original file. We understand that cloud or Googlephotos may compress the images, but we’ve uploaded with the highest resolution possible.

No, we provide photography as an additional free service, in an attempt to ensure that the visitors would get the best experience possible. The service is not included in the price of the program. If your photos are not uploaded you can always contact us and we will do everything in our power to find the photos. However, occasionally things go wrong and we are unable to provide the photos from your visit. For any reason, we apologize and thank you for your understanding.